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About Me

Welcome to Agile Skills Academy!  My name is Michele Hochheiser.  I am a Certified Team Coach.  I come with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and have spent the last 5 years dedicated to coaching individuals, teams, and senior leadership.  On the personal side, I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and have lived outside of Atlanta for a little over 20 years.  Can you believe 20 years in Atlanta and I still can’t find a good slice of pizza?  I have two toddlers.  I spend most of my evenings listening to Disney Princess music and building elaborate train track designs.  I am a TV junkie, so bonus points if you come to the workshop with a series recommendation that I have not seen.


On the professional side…

I am not just a coach without experience.  I hold a full time position and do additional coaching outside of that position as another way to pursue my passion.  I have extensive experience managing multi-million dollar domestic and global initiatives within Fortune 500 companies. My main focus is on Agile transformation, as well as planning and execution so that I can help companies increase efficiency in go-to-market programs and strategies.  My goal is to continually identify strategic opportunities, create and implement action plans, address risks and issues, and improve operational effectiveness while delivering offerings and capabilities from inception through delivery.

What you can expect to find in the program…

We will begin our coaching relationship together as you reflect, journal, and record where you are in your present journey and  set goals for where you hope to go.  Then we will kick off that growth with a two day workshop.  You will not find more than a few PowerPoint slides shown during the programs that I offer.  As a coach I focus on what you and other participants bring to the table, meeting you where you are and working towards your goals together.  This part of the experience is kept to less than ten people, so that every client has a personalized experience.  My goal is for all of us to get to know each other and share experiences in an upbeat, casual environment that is interactive and filled with humor.


After the two day workshop, you can attend as many 2-hour monthly sessions as you choose.  You set the agenda in these sessions and will be able to network with individuals from other cohorts.  During this time clients may choose to discuss aspects of their post program work, be coached on aspects of their professional lives, or other any other topics of interest.  Post program work consists of reflections of the learning objectives.  Many of the clients have expressed that one of the most memorable experiences is the one-on-one coaching session that can be used to reflect on personal learnings, career growth, and other items.

Path to CSP Certification Badge
CSM Certification
CTC Certification
A-CSM Certification
Foundations Certification
CSP-SM Certification
CAL-E Certification
CSPO Certification
CAL-T Certification
CAL-O Certification


Agile Certification

Experience the difference of a hands on program. We incorporate real workplace scenarios, labs, and exercises, 

Coaching Sessions

The role of a coach is to understand where a team or an individual are in their journey and to offer the right approach to support their growth. 

Leadership Workshops
Group Workshops

Group workshops  are aimed towards a transformation that moves teams into new ways of working by incorporating real workplace scenarios.

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